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The Family Law Chapter is currently being revised to incorporate the changes brought about in part by the Family Law Reforms from 1 July 2007. We also anticipate further changes to the chapter, which will take affect after this date.

Once the changes have been settled and amendments completed, this notice will be removed.

About the Handbook
The Grants Handbook sets out procedures, fees and other information relevant to the administration of grants of legal aid in Queensland. It is compiled by Legal Aid Queensland primarily as a tool to assist in house Grants staff perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

While every endeavour is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this Handbook, Legal Aid Queensland accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions. For more details, see the full disclaimer.

Users Views
Grants welcomes your views on the Handbook to ensure that we provide you with the information you need. If you have any comments or suggestions about this Handbook, please forward them to the Manager, Grants.

Some Relevant Statutory Provisions
There are a number of provisions in the Legal Aid Queensland Act which are of daily relevance to Grants Officers and preferred suppliers and these are set out under the heading 'Legal Aid Queensland Act'.

Policy Manual
The Legal Aid Queensland Policy Manual sets out the Commonwealth and State priorities and guidelines and other matters pertaining to the administration of legal aid services in Queensland. If there is an inconsistency between the Policy Manual and this Handbook, the Policy Manual shall prevail.